Office of Academic Affairs

Chung Chou University of Science and Technology is a student-oriented and diverse private institute that commits to applicable research, and teaching excellence, aiming to be a comprehensive university of technology. Chung Chou University of Science and Technology committed to providing courses with dual-emphasis on theoretical research and practical application. The office of Academic Affairs is also raising the diversity of general education in different areas to increase students’ competitiveness in the work force, and integrate related courses for more coherent training.

The policy of Academic Affairs includes the following:

1)Fundamental Education
Emphasize on language courses, general education, and design special courses to build students’ understanding in general areas.

2)Teaching Mentor
The expertise and research interests of faculty are recognized and valued nationally and internationally for their advancement of knowledge
Students will be able to receive the advising and suggestions they need given by faculties to realize students’ dreams because of the student-oriented philosophy Chung Chou University of Science and Technology believes in.

3)Community Engagement
Students will be intensely involved in community service to give back to the society, and partnership with community agencies for practical experiences through cooperation.
One of the fastest growing areas of campus activity is the UniCORN program, which seminar and speeches are given by professionals of different field sharing practical experiences and stimulating new ideas. Through the UniCORN program, faculty-staff-student research teams are also formed to work together to bring ideas developed through external funding into the marketplace. 

The office of Academic Affairs includes three sections: Registration Section, Curriculum Section, and the Publication Section.




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