Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees

Chair, Chen, Fang-Yi
The Board of Trustees at Chung Chou University of Science and Technology (CCUT) is the 9-member governing board for the Institute.  The Board adopts rules, regulations, and policies governing the CCUT.   The trustees are responsible for cost-effective policy decisions appropriate to the institute's mission, the implementation and maintenance of high-quality education programs, the measurement of performance, the reporting of information and the provision of input regarding MOE policy, budgeting, and education standards.  The trustees all are talented scholars and elites from different fields with professional, academic and social-economic experiences.  The 9-member Board of Trustees meets regularly once a semester; more meetings are scheduled if needed. The new Chairman, Chen, Fang-Yi, who has global vision  and ample experience of administration is a strong support for future development of CCUT.

Chen, Fang-Yi

BL, National ChengChi University


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