Department of Multimedia and Game Science

Department of Multimedia and Game  Science

I. Purpose of the Department 

The department develops multimedia technology and applied game science, based on information technology as the core and supplemented by aesthetics. It is hoped that students are cultivated to be professionals with “digital aesthetic creative thinking”. The core competencies include basic design skills, creative thinking, art creation skills, communication, cooperation, and marketing skills. The course focuses on 3D animation, 2D/3D game design, and App application. This department has sufficient software and hardware equipment. We help our students to obtain domestic and international licenses in the relevant field. By introducing the new game development technology and equipment, we hope to meet the demand for the game industry, and set up the internationally synchronized game development ability. Simultaneously, through the game production mode of well-known foreign game development industry, we hope that our students have the ability to meet international game development standards and become international game design talents.


II. Distinguishing Features

1. To set up the integrated multimedia platform for marketing.

2. The APP combines games and AR systems.

3. Developing the multimedia system with Internet of Things (IoT).

4. E-Sports and E-Sports live broadcast technology.


III. Goals of the Department

1. To cultivate talents with modern cultural creative thinking and digital capabilities.

2. To promote the local cultural and creative industries with distinguishing feature.

3. Establishing our own label in the international community.