Graduate Institute of Engineering Technology

Graduate Institute of Engineering Technology

The program鈥檚 objective is to incubate professionals equipped with integrative knowledge and skills of automatic control technology.  Automatic control technology has an inter-disciplinary nature; therefore, this institute has established controller applications as its core technology and developed the integrated applications by utilizing the knowledge and skills in mechanical, electrical, electronic, and in formation engineering.

To meet the requirements of industry, the graduate students are expected to acquire both the theoretical foundation and the practical skills in several fields鈥攕uch as automatic controls, production automation, and engineering analysis.


The faculty members of our institute participate in highly interdisciplinary and cutting edge research with other colleagues in disciplines ranging from mechanical electrical engineering to information technology in the College of Engineering.


We have established the Intelligent Robot Development Center, the Molding Technology Center, and the Energy Technology R&D Center  to promote and facilitate intelligent robot education  which  requires integrated knowlegage and skills about the fields mentioned above.

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