Specialty Development

University Specialty Development: Establish clear university development index and strengthen the accomplishments of university evaluations and competitions in order to reach the goal of level A for evaluations and visits.

Student Affairs Specialty Development
Build a friendly campus, offer student grants and scholarships, improve club and association activities, establish healthy campus lifestyles, be willing to adjust teaching styles and enhance students' and parents' satisfaction.

Teaching Specialty Development: Implement teaching innovation, integrate teaching resources, emphasize specialty, enhance teaching quality, encourage student license coaching, expand students learning horizons,  and increase practical teaching.

Academic Specialty Development:The faculty will implement inter-disciplinary research, participate in professional organizations, and enhance the quality and quantity of special projects and industry-academia projects. CCUT is becoming an excellent teaching university with research strengths.

Industry-Academia Specialty Development:Establish complete industry-academia platform, strengthen incubation achievement, deepen community management and become the best partner of communities and industries.