Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

The program’s objective is to cultivate professional talents with training on both theories and practical applications in response to the trends and demands of industrial development.

The undergraduate program focuses on mechanical design and manufacture and automation and control.The master program focuses on engineering curriculum and thesis writing to improve advanced technical capability and to equip our students with competitiveness for employment.

Curriculum Design
The field of mechanical design and manufacture includes CAD/CAM/CAE, CNC, mold design, plastic injection, powder metallurgy, and precision casting.

The field of automation and control includes hydraulics and pneumatics, PLC, sensors, microprocessor, mechanism, automatic control, and mechatronic.

Currently, the department with10 faculty members in which contains 1Chair Professor& 1 Professor & 7 Associated Professors & 1 Assistant Professors.






Contact Information
Phone : 886-4-8359000 Ext.2501