Department of Information Management

Department of Information Management

The Department of Information Management was established in 1994. The goals of the department are to cultivate domestic talents with capabilities of digital content information management and App information management. To meet the needs of domestic information development and industries, the department carefully cooperates with industries, help students get multi-employment opportunities, and also create opportunities for industry-academia joint research by consulting industries to facilitate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and App applications . Furthermore, the department curriculum is designed to help students get professional certificates related to their courses, which will improve students' competiveness in the future job market.

Distinguishing Features
*Our courses pay equal attention to theory and practice:  In order to shorten the gap between the content of the curriculum and the needs of the industry, we pay equal attention to theory and practice in our course design.
*We focus on the interaction with the industry: Through sincere communication with the industry, we understand the needs of the industry, provide students with job opportunities, look for opportunities for collaborative research, and support industry to import enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
*We pay equal attention to research and teaching:  We encourage our teachers to do further study, perform cooperation between industries and other schools to enhance research energy to our department.
* We also help students to obtain professional license related to the courses.

Curriculum plan
*We design our curriculum, based on the needs of local industry and the features of the department, focusing on students' information technology skills to establish their concepts about integrated management so as to develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project management, Cloud application APP, Basic information technology, and etc.
*In order to enhance future competitiveness of our students, the department regularly review and revise the direction of our course development to cultivate information professionals to meet the needs of local industries.
*To provide students with multiple learning resources, our teachers are encouraged to set up online programs for students to review or preview courses at any time.

Future Development
*Programmers (Cloud Application, E-commerce Development, Intelligent Networking Application & Development)
*Project Manager (Cloud Service Platform, E-commerce Platform, ICT Application Platform)
*Technical Director/R & D Manager (Cloud, Information Security, Intelligent Networking)