Goals Statement and Scope

Goals Statement

: A new birth of Chung Chou University of Science and Technology is infused by youthful vitality, a refreshed campus image, and vivacious and practical teaching.

Happiness: All strategies are based on students' learning and needs.  Creating a happy environment for students to study and for faculty to work is very important.

Learning: Students' achievements are not judged only by their academic performance but also by multi-learning abilities.  Students are encouraged to develop various hobbies, and participate in clubs and competitions to expand their horizons Hope: CCUT's education goals are to cultivate students' talents, global vision, humanitarian accomplishments and professional abilities. Students can then carry forward the spirit of higher vocational education with enhanced dignity and confidence. 

Excellence: CCUT pursues sustainable management and is not satisfied with current accomplishments. Supported and urged forward by various fields, CCUT will constantly strive to perpetuate high quality education and competitiveness to earn recognition from society and industries and favor from students and their parents in the competitive environment of higher vocational education.  

CCUT is a higher vocational education institution dedicated to quality endeavors in the humanities and arts as well as science and technology. The development and management of CCUT is within the small-medium scope, mainly in the regions of Changhua, Taichung and Nantou. CCUT offers quality education and closely links itself to regional industries so as to give CCUT its special character.