Department of Exercise and Health Promotion

Department of Exercise and Health Promotion

The department offers a B.S program with an emphasis on wellness and how best to help individuals and communities achieve a state of wellness. At CCUT, you will have many opportunities for hands’ on learning experience. With the latest facilities and soft wares, the department has created excellent learning environment and resources to enhance the quality of education, to solid the skill of multiple aspects of achieving and maintaining wellness.

The department is focused on:

.the diversity of multi-sports leisure activities, and health promotion.

.guiding and nurturing students within the sports and leisure industry, also sport health promotion knowledge and ability.
.knowledge and skills that are applicable and practical, "Athletic Direction" and "health promotion." We focus on cooperative education, practical operation, such as community service and teaching practice for our students to have a solid foundation for employment or further studies.

Students are trained in the professional skills of sports and knowledge about complementary medicine for maintaining health. Our department has adapted effective strategies to enhance students’ competitive edge for their career development. The strategies include offering license oriented courses, training students with multiple skills in sports and health promotion, and emphasizing students’ foreign language abilities. In addition to the 2 year English courses, the department offer 4-year Japanese language learning, because Japan is one of the most advanced countries in health industry development in the world. Students with excellent Japanese ability will benefit greatly from up-to-date information in Japan. Moreover, our tutor system would assist students’ with special needs in their studies. The students in the department need to actively participate in conferences and seminars given by outstanding professionals in the sports and health promotion related fields.

The research development of our department lies on the integration of sports and health, focusing on the following fields:
1. The basic sports science theory and basic ability of sports.
2. Marketing and management of sports industries.
3. Diagnose ability of physical fitness.
4. Health and leisure industries of seniors.
We also establish close relationship with communities and industries to improve the cooperation among government, companies and schools of sports and health promotion.
Our faculty have excellent qualities in teaching and research in the sports and health field. The next movement of the department is to establish a graduate program.In the future, we will keep working on:
1. arranging the license oriented course.
2. providing quality software/hardware of education environment.
3. offering well-design courses which emphasize both theory and practice.
4. cooperation with the related industries.
5. the alliance and cooperation with Japan health industries.
6. establishing test centers in the area of physical fitness, live savor, CPR, compensational therapy, sports injury, sports prescriptions and etc.

Curriculum Design

Our department work together with the Department of Nutrition and Health Science and the Department of Marketing to coordinate our curriculum. The courses of our department focus on versatility、multifunction、multi-field professionals relate to sports、leisure、management and health advance. We put emphasis on the application and practice of theory from “Sports instruction management” and “Health advance.” Besides professional ability, we also emphasize on the operation、industries-schools cooperation、community service etc. Let students learn from service, actually participate the promotion and planning the health promotion to establish the basis of future development.

Internship requirementAll the students must complete at least 250 intern hours during winter and summer vacations and acquire at least 2 fields of sports and health related professional skills.

The Department of Exercise and Health Promotion offers a major and a minor in accounting. The major in accounting requires 49 semester hours through the following courses:


Course Title Semester Hour

Multimedia Applications / 2 sh
Health Psychology / 3 sh
Introduction to Exercise and Health / 2 sh
Instruction on Tennis / 2 sh
Foundations of Computer Science / 3 sh
Anatomy and Physiology / 3 sh
Instruction on Aerobic exercise / 2 sh
Exercise and Health Promotion / 2 sh
Exercise and Sport Nutrition / 3 sh
Instruction on Swimming / 2 sh
Physical Fitness I II / 4 sh
Sports Rehabilitation / 3 sh
Exercise and Health / 3 sh
Muscular Fitness Training and Practice / 2 sh
Sports Injury / 2 sh
Athletic Taping / 2 sh
Sports Massage / 2 sh
Exercise Instruction for Exercise Certification / 2 sh
Internship / 3 sh
Project Study / 2 sh


Course Title Semester Hour
Health Dietary Behavior / 2 sh

Weight Management / 2 sh
Safety Education / 2 sh
Health Business Management / 2 sh
Evaluation and Practice for Health / 2 sh
Health Services Management / 2 sh
Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance / 2 sh

Introduction to Officiating in Sport and competition system / 2
Introduction to Health Science / 2 sh
Physical Fitness and Health Care / 2 sh
Sports Resource Planning and Management / 2 sh
Health Exercise Instruction for Anti-Aging / 2 sh
Health Dietary Behavior / 2 sh
Nutritional assessment / 2 sh
Leisure Design and Programming / 2 sh
Introduction to cycling / 2 sh
Health Behavior Science / 2 sh
Wellness / 2sh
Sports Marketing Planning and Management / 2 sh
Sports Journalism / 2 sh
Health Evaluation / 2 sh
Health Promotion Strategy / 2 sh
Sport Facility Management / 2 sh
Folk remedy / 2 sh
Safety Device and Crisis Management / 2 sh
Instruction on Basketball / 2 sh
Community Health Promotion and popularize /2 sh
Wellness and Management for Exercise / 2sh
Program Design and Assessment / 2 sh
Sports Instruction in senior /2 sh
Instruction on Anti Aging Leisure and Exercise / 2sh

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Woody Wu, Assistant Professor, Chairperson


Korfball, Basketball, Personal Training, Club Management, HRM


Assistant professor in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Assistant Coach of National Pingtung University of Education basketball team
Taipei Municipal XiHu Elementary school teacher intern
Coach of Alexander Health Club Spinning coach of Alexander Health Club
Swimming coach of Alexander Health Club / Swimming coach of YMCA


The National American of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification

Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Jonny G spinning coach / Basketball Coach (Level B)
Basketball judgment (Level B) Swimming coach (Level B)
Squash coach (Level C) / Petanqu coach (Level C)
Table tennis coach (Level C)

Seminar Essays

From Each Olympiad Mascot to the Cultural Communication

2008 Green Olympic in Beijing


Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 1320

Chang-Fa Huang, Associate Professor

Adjunct lecturer in Da-Yeh University
Adjunct lecturer in Ming-Dau College
Adjunct lecturer in National Taiwan Sports College
Director of sports office in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Secretary of Dean of Academy
Director of registration office at Academy Department
Licenses: Class A woodball umpire Class B basketball umpire Class C table tennis umpire Class C instructor



Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 1322

Lin Pai-Yeh



Sports teacher in Nan-Jeon Institute of Technology
Adjunct lecturer in Ming-Dou University
Leader of Publication division of Academy Department in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology


 Class B woodball umpire Tug of war coach
Tug of war umpire LSL certificate STLS certificate

Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 1322

Lee Jen




Basketball Coach in Ministry of Education
Leader of Publication division of Academy Department in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Principal’s secretary in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Coach of basketball school team

Tug of war coach Tug of war umpire

Class C tennis umpire Class A woodball Umpire
Journal Essays
Interpretations of FIBA offical basketball rules and cases 2006-2008
Comparative analysis of physical fitness condition chung chou institute of technology students
Seminar Essays
A Study on the Leisure Benefits, Leisure Satisfaction and Well-Being of University Students in Taiwan

Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 1330

Chang San Lee-chu


Athletics, Woodball, Badminton


Lecturer in Wu-Fong institute of technology

Director of Health Division, Chung-Chou Institute of Technology

Seminar Essays

A study of mountain hiking participation motivation, enduring involvement, leisure benefit AND happiness IN hikers

Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 1321

Fu Cheng-Sze


basketball, swimming, badminton, exercise physiology


Associate professor in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology


Intermediate physical fitness instructor in Ministry of Education,Woodball umpire, Tennis umpire,Class C table tennis umpire of Chinese Taipei Sports Federation for the Disabled Class, C instructor of republic of China child Sports development association

Phone: ext 1320 or 4600

Philip Liu, Professor,


Tennis, Sports marketing, Integrate marketing


Professor of PCCU Physical Education Department

Director of PCCU town compass sport office
Coach of Davis Cup national team
Head Coach of PCCU tennis team
Ranked #1 single and double tennis player of Chinese Taipei
General Secretary of Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation
Column writer of Apply Daily
President of Taipei Wheelchair Tennis Association
Commentator of ESPN and Star Sports
Vice General Manager of Jumelle Cosmetics
CEO of License: Chinese Taipei National Coach
Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 4604

Hsin-Lai Hung, Professor


Table Tennis, Cricket, Outdoor Exercises


Teaching Assistant in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Associate professor in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Assistant professor in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Professor in Chung-Chou Institute of Technology
Phone:+886-4-8311498 ext. 4603

Yihan Tseng, Assistant Professor

Sports Psychology, Basketball, Swimming

Lecturer in China University of Technology
Lecturer in Shih Chien University
Basketball coach in

Seminar Essays
From Each Olympiad Mascot to the Cultural Communication
2008 Green Olympic in Beijing

Basketball coach / Wushu association coach
Swimming coach / Class C athletic coach / Bowling Coach



The physical fitness examine centre has been set up in the gym. This centre has complete facilities for researching different race and professional courses such as Introduction to Sports Science、Health Management、Sports Prescription…etc.) Students are expected to learn the operation of these facilities for enhancing practice experience, not just theoretical aspects. The center can also be used by our cooperated companies for testing their customers’ fitness.

Squash Court
Yoga Room

Contact Information

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