Department of Motion Pictures and Video Communication

  Department of Motion Pictures and Video Communication


Humanities, Creativity, Professionalism, Leading

The department was founded in 2002, and aimts to cultivates the humanities, creativity and professionalism. Our goal is to take a leading role in professional film production education. Students' training is based on national cultural and creative industries development plans for the creative audio-visual industry.

‧Curriculum is programed from basic to advanced and focuses on enhancing student’s creativity, production, and marketing skills. Each component of the training is based on different types of media and production.  Production includes four courses such as feature films, documentary films, animation films and TV programs.  This complete coverage of the film and television industry is very important to our students' futures career in this field. Before our students graduate, they are required to produce work  with the integrateion of their learning outcomes.

‧In addition to courses offered , the department also mentors students through participation in industry activities and practices, which may help students gain real-life experience.




Distinguishing Features

Our department is the only department focusing on image creation in the central region of Taiwan. We cultivate film and television production professionals with senses of “Humanity, Creativity, Professional Knowledge, and Leading Attitude.”

In our curriculum, we focus on both theories and practical skills, and design our courses from basic to advance.  There are triaxial directions: Creativity, Production, and Marketing.  According to media and different production forms, our courses include making drama, documentary, animated film, television program production, and drama performance, etc.  They completely cover the contents of film and television industry.  Our department focuses on practical courses, so students can obtain practical experience through visiting industry and by participating internship.


Curriculum plan

Based on the needs of the film industry, we design our course as a three directional curriculum, including creativity, production, and marketing.  According to media and different production forms, our production courses include making drama, documentary, animation film, and television program production.  Freshman courses focus on the basic knowledge of audio and video industry and related training of basic skills and knowledge.  Sophomore courses focus on audio & video production theory, and advanced training about production technology.  In the third year, students begin to pursue professional courses by their interests. The seniors are required to participate in the production of a project.  Our courses include History of Film and Television, Film Appreciation and Criticism,  Media Management, Script Creation, Directology, Image Aesthetics, Audio and Video Clip Production, Image Synthesis and Special Effects, Digital Editing, Studio Practice, TV Program Production, Roles and Storyboard, Computer Image Processing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Introduction to Animation, History of Animation, Soundtrack Design, Introduction to Cultural Industry, etc.


Future Development

Further Study:

     According to students’ interests, they can go to either a domestic or a foreign graduate school of Video Making, Media Animation, Visual Design, Journalism and Communication.

Future career:

        The goal of our department is mainly to cultivate film and television production professionals. Our graduates can go to work in the field of film and television, animation production, cable / wireless TV station, audio and video multimedia production, Internet design, advertising marketing, and other related works.