Department of Early Childhood and Family Educare

The department was founded to respond to the needs of busy working parents in Taichung and Zhangbin industrial areas. Our vision is to foster child care and education professionals with Holistic Education concept and and to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills that will equip them to enrich the profession of child and family development.

The department was once known as Department of Early Childhood and Edu-care ,focused on fostering child care skills and related professional knowledge. In light of the deep influences which family and community functions have on child Department of Child Care and Family Studies. We are dedicated development, the department incorporated family and commuCCourse Structureourse Structure :nCourse Structure :ity services into professional training in 2017 and renamed as to provide our students as many meaningful opportunities as we can and to well-prepare them to serve in diverse cultures and communities.

*This department instructs its students with spirit of “Vitality, Creativity, and Courage to practice.” Therefore, the department tries to cultivate professionals to take care of children, the elderly, family education with ethics and professional knowledge. In accordance with students' ability and interests, we design their learning path with course selection mechanism.
*We also cultivate students' to gain global view and international mobility. In addition to receiving foreign students, we select qualified students to study or receive internship abroad. Many overseas classes are permitted by the Ministry of Education.
*We have many onsite examination rooms, permitted by the Ministry of Labor, to give test and to give certificate right after the assessment. In this way, we try to promote cooperation with industries and so that our students can be employed before graduation.

According to the professional needs of children care, senior citizen care, and family education and care, requirement needed by the industry, and the needs of student self-multiple growth, we design our courses into Kindergarten Educare Core Knowledge Courses, Nursery Care and Early Education Courses, After School Caring Courses, Professional Certificate Courses, Arts and Potentiality Development Courses, Children 's Industry Management, Children 's Sensory Movements and Sensory Integration,  Montessori Talent Cultivation Courses, Health Care Promotion and Management, First Aid Courses, Family Education and Care Courses, and Elderly Education and Care Courses.

Course Structure :
Genera Education   31
supporting course   15
Prescribed courses 34
Optional courses   48

*There are 3 optional programs for students, including child after-school program, skills for child caretaker program and elderly care program. All students should select at least 2 optional programs before they graduate from this department.

*General Courses includes common courses such as Physical Education, Chinese, Service related courses, computer skills and English proficiency improvement, 31 credit hours in total.

*Optional Courses
a. Related courses provided by this department
b. Courses provided by other departments:10 credits at least

*Public or private kindergarten.
*Children related industries: Children’s culture, children's talent classrooms.
*Early Treatment Institutions, Home Care Service Center Staff, Caring Resource Center Operations Personnel.
*Home Care Personnel, Care Institutions, Postpartum Care Institutions.
*Children after School Care Institutions.
*Elderly Learning Center, Elderly and Children Intergenerational Learning Institutions, Care for the Elderly and Welfare Agencies, and related industries management, Planning and Services Professionals.
*Public officer:Child Care, Child Welfare, Social Worker, Social Administration, Special Education Administration, Education Administration.