Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture

The Department at CCUT is at the forefront of landscape architecture education in Taiwan.  Our multi-disciplinary courses are designed to meet the needs of the modern landscape architecture profession, combining a creative and imaginative approach to design with an understanding of the social and environmental context.

We provide landscape architecture education which spans arts, social science and ecology.  With the advanced technology and equipment, the students will receive an education from a range of academic and professional backgrounds in addition to landscape architecture practice, including architecture, ecology, horticulture, fine art, nature conservation, environmental planning and geography.  In the department, staff research and professional activities ensure that our courses are at the cutting edge of landscape theory and practice. Course content is rich and diverse, focused on real-site landscape projects developed through experiment and discussion in our design center and laboratory.  The department also has a professional certification testing center onsite (including landscape architecture and computer aided architectural drafting Grade C skills testing centers.)

Curriculum Design

The four-year program leads to an accredited Bachelor’s Degree. The curriculum is carefully designed to provide our students integrate knowledge and skills necessary for professional landscape architectural practice.  It is constructed from design basics to sophisticated and complex studio experiences such as regional design, urban design, and community design. The studio experience is supported by other courses inside and outside the landscape architecture curriculum that provide the necessary grounding in landscape history and social, cultural, environmental, and aesthetic theories. Students can also choose to focus elective credits on one of three areas: cultural issues, environmental issues, and professional development.


1. Professional Digital Design Laboratory
2. Landscape Design Center

 Professional Digital Design Laboratory  Landscape Design Center
 Landscape Design Center  Landscape Design Center

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