Jobs and Careers

For students’ professional development, CCUT respects students’ employability and training plans.  CCUT helps students with their future career plans by: 1. Establishing student learning profiles, 2. Emphasizing professional core courses and programs in the departments, 3. Providing students job information, and planning practical lectures with business and industries, and 4. Guiding students to participate in “The Academic Job Market Connected Program” which allows students to gain initial employment upon graduation with “diploma in one hand and license in the other.”

 Internship and Employment Division

CCUT has set up  Internship and Employment Division to help to stimulate students’ potential and prepare students’ employment ability.Information about jobs, both on- and off-campus, plus internships, career counseling & more can be found at the job-posting board at http://www.ccut.bukexiaoyuan.comadminSection/front/news.asp?site_id=rd_job

The Division has two major objectives:

A. Construct a career development blueprint to strengthen students’ employment ability, and design classes that help students to discover the career path they want to pursue. 
Target: Freshmen, sophomores, and instructors
1.Enhances job-assisting functions and standardize processing system. 
2.Help students to study and learn with initiative in an active way. 
3.Construct an individual career plan file. 
4.Develop working experiences in class and strengthen employment ability. 
5.Provide graduates with graduating employment service for improvement reference.

B.Cultivate students to have variable employment skills and prepare students to be ready for the job market. 
Target: Juniors, seniors, and instructors.
1. Open internship classes for practical studies. 
2. Encourage licensing and create workshops to teach students license-taking techniques. 
3. Combine professional licensing class with academic studies to maximize study effectiveness. 
4. Encourage students participating in professional competitions and offer rewards. 

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