Living on Campus - Residence Life at CCUT

Welcome to CCUT!  On campus, the residence hall is a co-ed residence hall with room for more than 1000 residents.  It is comprised of 4 floors with grassy lawn.  The hall holds TV lounges and ping-pong tables, and snorkeling on the first floor for residents to spending time with friends and other residents.  In the hall, resident mentors (advisors) assist with move-in counseling, academic tutoring, and organizing resident-related events.  The resident hall provides a great learning and recreational opportunities for our residents. Our residents find our hall to be much more than just a place to live.  It is ‘home’, a top-quality living environment with all-round living facilities, healthy meals, close relationships among residents.

For more information or application, please contact the Center for International Exchange. 

Phone: +886-4-8311498 ext.1501; E-mail: inte105@dragon.ccut.edu.tw

Cancellation Policy and Residential Regulations
1. Students who take off in the middle of the semester / drop out from CCUT have to turn in the receipt for refund; the starting date is the move-in date announced by school administration. For students who lost their receipt shall fill out a waiver.
2. Fees are not refundable to students who moved out of the dormitory with reasons other than those stated above.
3. Full deposit will be returned on the move-out day if no facility is damaged or lost.
4. Adjustment of utility rate may change based on the current rate given by the Taipower company.
5. No overnight guests are permitted. Special accommodation may be given in some instances by prior request.
6. The opposite sex who wishes to enter the dorm shall pledge a picture ID for permission.