College of Tourism and Management

College of Tourism and Management 
Dean, Sy-Ruen Huang, Professor

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Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

General Manager of Taichung Express Bus Company
 Dean of College of Engineering in Feng Chia University

Power System

Power Quality 

Power Supply System on Railway 

Green Energy Generation System

I.College of Tourism and Management has six departments, which maintains the feature of ERP fostering talent for the advancement of corporate resource planning, nurturing social needs, affirming enterprise value, and promoting knowledge and ability for enterprise resource planning.  An established diagnostic consulting service center aims at the operation of small to medium enterprises, for the systematic introduction of knowledge and skills, offers advice for the operational improvement of enterprises and diagnostic consulting services.

 II. Specialty of Development

 Emphasize the implementation of the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. Foster management talents with the ability to organize business resources and professional ethics to meet the demands of society and to be recognized by enterprises.

Curriculum design emphasizes on both theory and practice. In addition to professional knowledge, students can participate in practicum.  Through case studies and discussions of specialized topics, students’ critical and analytical ability as well as problem-solving skills will be strengthened; thereby, the students will gain a broad vision of business development planning, market demands, product circulation, and industrial development in Taiwan.

III. Characteristics of the individualized modules

Enterprise Resource Plan II: The broad scope of the ‘Enterprise Resource Plan II’ ranges from internal affairs of financial, accounting, communication and human resources allocation, to external matters of material distribution, product sales and other related research areas.

Business Analysis: a related two-part analysis of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) would be used to increase the market competitiveness of businesses. To assess a profitable trend in the future, the College of Business Administration also makes use of the resources at the Center for Market Research to carry out a complete Data Management (DM) and Knowledge Management (KM) analysis, and further examine Business Intelligence (BI) in order to provide an assessment for the competitiveness of various related industries.

IV. College of Tourism and Management

Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
Department of Information Management
Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
Department of Creative Fashion Design and Management
Department of Motion Pictures and Video Communication

Department of Hospitality Management