Office of Research and Development

The Office of Research and Development not only seeks opportunities of cooperation with foreign universities and institutes but also aims for forming production-learning alliances with local firms. There are three divisions under the Office of Research and Development: the Division of Technology and Cooperation, the Division of University Development, and the Center for International Exchange.

The Division of Technology and Cooperation helps CCUT to contribute to the nation鈥檚 technological and business workforce, and establish the professional fame in the practical field; students and faculties are also able to experiences first hand the challenges of implementing changing technology and teaching methods through cooperation projects designed by the office.

The Division of University Development helps in fundraising and the planning of school enrichment in different areas. CCUT is an institute that believes social responsibility should be the core value of higher educational institutions; therefore, the direction of CCUT鈥檚 school development plan is to integrate social care, globalization, civilization, and courses diversification, so that students will be well-rounded by the time they graduate from CCUT. 


Contact Information
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