Office of Student Affairs

Our purpose is to enrich the educational experiences of students through different aspects aside from academic study and help students to stay well-rounded. In order to encourage students to participate fully in the campus experience, the Office of Student Affairs works with various student organizations to advice, encourage, and guide our students in their pursuit of extracurricular activities, community service involvement and student programming efforts. In addition, more than 80 percent of our students take advantage of the wide variety of athletic and recreational opportunities managed by the Division of Extracurricular Activities.

In addition, we also aim to get CCUT students into the wider community through a series of community cooperation activities, which foster an ethic of lifelong service among CCUT students while assisting the Institute with its outreach efforts. Activities held by Student Affairs links community service activities, service learning efforts, community partners, and instruction and research as it serves children in under-resourced communities. The Office of Student Affairs endeavors to

1. Serve as a facilitative partner and resource for students, faculty, staff and community members in strengthening community capacity;
2. Promote shared Community-based Participatory Research and planning; and
3. Build social and political capital through the coordination of community and civic engagement, effective Service Learning and reciprocal community collaborations
4. The Office of Student Affairs encompasses five sub-divisions;our students appreciate the breadth of the guidance, counseling and support they receive from the following Student Affairs units: Division of
5. Student Life, Division of Sanitation and Health, Division of Extracurricular Activities, Division of Student Labor Education, and Center for Student Counseling.

Contact Information
phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 1300