General Information

Located in Yuanlin, Chuanghua, CCUT is a campus with urban amenities but lacking the hustle and bustle of a big city. Chung Chou Institute of Technology offers a wide variety of academic programs. Students can choose from 15 undergraduate and 2 graduate degree programs offered through 3 colleges, namely the College of Engineering, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Health and Care.

Since the establishment of the Chung Chou Vocational Institute of Engineering, each successive president stands firmly for the motto of “excellence, impartiality, integrity and perseverance,” which are considered to be important characteristics for success. The Institute trains its students to be trustworthy individuals with excellent skills, unbiased views and a perseverant attitude for great achievement in the future. 


In 2011, under the guidance of President Hwang and efforts of all faculty and students, CCUT has been approved by Ministry of Education in Taiwan and renamed Chung Chou University of Science and Technology. On August 5th, an unveiling ceremony and celebration was held at CCUT. Minster of Education, Dr. Chin-ji Wu, Magistrate of Changhua, Mr. Po-Yuan Cho, and Direct of Education Bureau of New Taipei City Government, Mr. Teng-jiao Lin and CCUT former President, Dr. Tso-kwei Peng attended the ceremony and celebration to witness the historical moment of CCUT.  


In May, 2018, the board of trustees had the honor to invite Professor Sy-Ruen Huang, former General Manager of Taichung Express Bus Company and former Dean of College of Engineering in Feng Chia University, to be the President of CCUT till now.   

University Motto and Emblem  



In the age of instant information, it is important for an educational institution to establish an image and specialties for sustainable management.  The Institution identification system means a set of words, activities, and symbols to express an institution’s unique management philosophy.

As CCUT was renamed Chung Chou University of Science and Technology and constantly improves university affairs and academic standards in 2011, President Jenq-jye Hwang assigned Professor He-chieh Hsu from the Department of Visual Design at National Taiwan Normal University as Arts Director of CCUT in charge of campus art design affairs.  Moreover, a nationally renowned calligrapher Professor Tsung-I Huang, from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at National University of Tainain, inscribed the name of CCUT.  The new emblem of CCUT is based on the old one integrating the elements of our motto, and the feeling of academia and arts. We are interested in inheriting from the past and carrying on for the future.

About the Design
The design is inspired by the shape of the Euporbia millii flower and the Chinese Character ‘Chung(中).’  Inspirtation as also found in the old design symbolizing heritage and turning the pages of a book. 

The shape of the emblem has exquisite proportions and symmetry and the characteristics of circulation and dynamic image, symbolizing the motto—excellence, impartiality, integrity, and perseverance.

In general, the middle part of human shape expresses the idea of being people-oriented, meaning that CCUT is human-centered and will inherit from the past and move toward a quality university of science and technology.

The smooth and lively lines indicate youth, happiness, learning, and hope, symbolizing that CCUT pursues excellence. The whole design also expresses the images of talents possessing professional abilities with the humanities cultivated by the three colleges at CCUT.

The shape is reminiscent of the symbol of ‘Taiji’, meaning everlasting linkage and perpetual birth as well as symbolizing that CCUT emphasizes the relationships among students, faculty and the university—and interaction with society.

The emblem is presented in 3D, showing that CCUT's international development and horizons cross space and time.