Introduction to General Education Center






I.Purpose of General Education 


Knowledge is the product for human to solve problems.  The purpose of education is to teach knowledge to students that solve problems.  General education makes individual to become a “complete person”.  It means general education is to promote integrate development in every aspect.  Not only inner but also for one to interact with outer environment.  General education, by means of subject-integration, guide students to build knowledge system for themselves, possess chance to explore potential.  Once face the impact of environment change, knowledge withheld could be make us to solve current problems.


Our general education is to educate students to modern learned person, and function imperceptible. To nurture culture possession and critical thinking ability of students to develop reason value wisdom to judge. Not only blend into life but also achieve our education goal. We are to train students become “young, happy, learned, promising” ones who have sound personality and specialty. 


Ideas of General education 


General education center, in order to promote culture possession, put emphasis on:


A. Academy: basic knowledge learning.


B. Virtue: personality education.


C. Kindness: Service education.





D. Wisdom: Reason wisdom enquiring.


E. Multi-integrate: Multi-vision and tolerance.


F. Sound and Balance: Culture and science, as well as and professional and general knowledge integrate together.


II. Location and Staff  


The office of General Education Center is located on No. 212, 2nd Floor, Chung-Cheng Building. There are three members who are including a chairman, an employee, and a Project-Orientated teacher in this center.


 III. Administration Program


 1 Decide course plans, plan mid-long term plan for general educations, examine applications of opening new courses.


2. Property management and edit booklet as well as office maintaining and management.


3. Hold General lecture and Art Exhibition.


4. Assist students to add or decline course and to compensate course credit.


5. Plan, evaluate, and execute great projects in General Education Center.


 IV. Curriculum Design


 The first year/ course title/ semester hour (s/h)


The first year/ course title/ semester hour (s/h) for part-time students


Chinese Literature 2 s/h


Applied Chinese Language 2 s/h


English Language 4 s/h


Physical Education 4 s/h


Service-Learning Course 1 s/h


Chinese Literature 2 s/h


Applied Chinese Language 2 s/h


English Language 4 s/h


Physical Education 4 s/h






The second year/ course title/ semester hour (s/h)~ The fourth year/ course title/ semester hour (s/h)


H: Humanities and Art 4 s/h


S: Social Literacy 4 s/h


N: Natural Science 4 s/h


L: Life Application 6 s/h


 V. All students should get at least 1 English comprehension certificate      before they are graduated from CCUT.