Intelligent Technology Research Center

Introduction for the Center
Intelligent Technology Research Center, the school-level research center, is located at Room I312. Prof. Min-Chie Chiu is currently the director of the center.  The purpose of the center is to organize and regroup the research power from the engineering institute鈥檚 faculty. 

The mission of the center
The research and development of the intelligent technology

The target of the center

1. To carry out the research projects from the industries and the Ministry of Science and Technology
2. To carry out professional technology training work authorized by the industries.
3. To do certification work for professional technique license

The strategy of the center

1.To organize the engineering institute鈥檚 faculty potential and to group the ability of improvement, innovation, research which can serve the industries.
2.To closely  corporate with the middle-Taiwan industries.
3.To involve the research results in teaching
4.To invite industrial expert to join the teaching work in class.

5.To develop intelligent, automation and green-energy-technique product by organizing the specialty of the engineering institute鈥檚 faculty 

6. To advance the research of intelligence, automation, and green-energy-technique and to seek for the vendors who need the help from us..

The kernel technique
1. machine vision
2. mechatronics
3. network monitoring technique
4. green-energy technique
5. design and manufacturing technique
6. intelligent system