Intelligent Cloud-computing & Big-data Center, ICBC

 With the era of Productivity 4.0, the integrated structure of “terminal, IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, and service” will soon substitute conventional consumption and business model. In order to follow the trend of numerous cloud applications and revolutionary business marketing techniques, university-level research center “Intelligent Cloud-computing & Big-data Center, ICBC” was established based on the existing college-level research center “Center for Management Diagnosis of Small and Medium Enterprises” and the professionals of College of Tourism and Management.

The goal of ICBC is to provide professional consulting services which helps upgrade information systems using internet resources and statistics. Two main services: “Intelligent cloud-computing improvement”, and “Big data marketing and analysis” are provided. Especially the four stages of big data analysis: data acquisition, data process, data analysis, and add-value application can be used as the research tool to be competitive among rivals and challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in the future..

The main targets of ICBC are (1). Small and medium enterprises (2). Digital culture creative industry (3). Tourism & leisure industry (4). Fashion and health industry. Apart from solving problems of enterprises and paying attention to recent industrial development and technology upgrade, ICBC expects to reinforce profession development of College of Tourism and Management and create internship and job opportunities for students. The development strategies of ICBC are listed below:

1. Integrated project application
To fulfill the self-efficient financial condition, Chief Executive Officer of ICBC cooperates with other departments to apply for integrated academia-industry collaboration and research projects in order to receiving subsidies and commissions from public sector. Besides, the Chief Executive Officer also negotiates with different companies on integrated projects which solve the companies’ needs of innovation and transformation and acquire funding for ICBC.

2. Industry-based Talent Cultivation
Through attaining the funding of MOE Talent Cultivation Project, ICBC purchases related software and equipment of big data analysis and cloud-computing, thus cultivates students in the College of tourism and management for the ability of cloud-computing and technological service by courses and practices. In addition, ICBC opens industry-oriented profession-cultivating courses to companies, helps industry accomplish orientation training and on-the-job training.
3. Multiple professional consultant
Integrate multiple professionals in departments belonging to the College of tourism and management to consult for enterprises. Based on cloud-computing techniques, the consultants provide internet marketing skills and big data analysis systems for enterprises, building professional image in the field of cloud-computing and big data.

4. Establishing Academia-Industry Alliance
In the future, ICBC will invite related cloud-computing and big data service providers to establish Academia-Industry Alliance, expecting to reach diversified service impact by generating more innovative service chances and meanwhile acquiring more funding from related government departments.