Graduate Program in Health Food

Graduate Program in Health Food

In view of the rapid development of world information and the external environment, the cultivation of students' knowledge of health food, health promotion skills, health management and language communication has become the primary development goal of the department's education. The development and production system, the quality and function of health food are the main development axes.

The department has an excellent faculty.  Many of them are inventors and have patented inventions.  Their hand-on experience will help students develop creative thinking and practical abilities.   We encourage students to advance their studies and strengthen their competitiveness by conducting apprentice programs, extracurricular student counseling, and utilizing the specialty laboratories.

The department develops the industry-academia research projects and students'  internship programs to create a bridge between academic research and the needs of industrial advancement.


Currently, the department with 10 faculty members in which contains 2 Associated Professors and 6 Assistant Professors and 2 lecturers.


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